Ivor Luxor, one of my Sims, recently tied the knot with Alycia Pearce, and I decided to make a cinematic wedding highlights video to immortalize the momentous occasion. I also designed a wedding venue for them – the Aura Paradizzo.

Aura Paradizzo is located at the heart of the island world of Sulani. It has a spectacular sight of the sunset, and being the sunset lover that I am, I chose to build the lot in that location.

I named the venue as such because I want it to express an atmosphere of peace, beauty and bliss – perfect for couples who feel as if they are floating on cloud nine on their wedding day. With this, I used white as the main motif for the overall design, and accentuated it with green to mirror the life surrounding the venue, and pink to signify romantic love.

The wedding venue has two main areas. The first one is where the ceremony takes place. This open-air area is farthest from the shore, and closest to the setting sun. It is highly elevated from the sea. Thus, the bride and groom would really feel as if they were on a slice of heaven as they exchange vows.

The altar is decorated with a white wedding arch in the middle that is adorned with dangling cherry blossoms. Sticking true to the motif, on both sides are lush, green plants and sweet, pink flowers. I also placed a violin on one side of the altar. Ivor is an aspiring musician, and I wanted him to play his violin while his bride marched down the aisle which is made of scattered rose petals.

The second area is the reception hall. As with the ceremony area, this is open air, with tables lit by aromatic candles so that the married couple and all the guests can enjoy the romantic breeze of the sea whilst having dinner.

The husband and wife sits on a table on one end of this area so they can see all their families and friends as they share the traditional, white wedding cake. On the opposite end is the bar, and buffet table.

The two areas are connected by a wooden bridge where the bride begins her wedding march to meet her groom. This bridge is illuminated by cute pink and yellow lights that are strung on white poles on both sides of the bridge.

Anyway, I loved how this wedding venue turned out, especially on the highlights video. It truly gave me some cinematic shots. This one is definitely my favorite; that’s why I used it as the featured image above, and as the YouTube video cover!

I just loved how Ivor and Alycia shared a heartfelt kiss with the sun setting beyond the horizon. This shot shows that although a number of people perceive sunsets as sad because they symbolize endings, they could also mean that a bright new day is sure to follow. Indeed, endings are also beginnings – and they could be the start of something that is even more wonderful.

And of course, the wedding party is capped by a splendid fireworks display. We wouldn’t miss that, right?

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